Dharma Talks Series: Reclaiming Our Love, part 2 (at East West Bookshop)

Please join Rigdzin as he leads East West Bookshop's Dharma Talk Series, in "Reclaiming Our Love: Eight Verses of Transforming the Mind."

The event has an entrance fee of $10, pre-registration is welcome.  Please visit the link below to sign up for the talk.         East West Bookshop - 6500 Roosevelt Way NE Seattle WA 98105.

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No outer enemy can take us to a hell realm; only our own ego, pride, jealousy, and anger can take us to such places. If we have a difficult supervisor or neighbor, we can change jobs or move out. The other enemy that always comes with us, sleeps with us, eats with us, even when we are happy they are right there with us -- that enemy is the most dangerous. Whether we are an agent or recipient of these unstable and powerful afflictions, their capacity for dealing out destruction and suffering is overwhelming.

Using the Tibetan Buddhist teaching Eight Verses of Training the Mind as a guide, we will discuss how to identify and locate the sources and effects of these harmful states. Rather than seeking to shut down or expel these energies, we will learn instead how to foster a mindful practice of becoming intimate with our inner enemies (the giving and receiving technique of tonglen will also be discussed). This practice will include the cultivation of loving-kindness and wisdom to support the health and balance of the most neglected parts of ourselves.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama has described the Eight Verses of Training the Mind as the concentrated expression of the entire essence of Buddhist teachings. Each talk in this series will cover a different portion of the eight verses, while maintaining a broader outlook of the breadth and depth of the verses altogether.