First Free Saturday at Seattle Art Museum

Seattle Art Museum - 1300 First Avenue Seattle WA 98101                                                            4 June 2005, 11am-2pm

Prayer Flags are traditionally rooted in Tibetan culture where high over the Himalayan passes you find them fluttering and snapping in the wind that carries the prayer energy away. In the Tibetan mind the very act of raising Prayer Flags is to increase merit, good fortune, and peace, for oneself and all beings, while wishing to conquer negative emotions, disease, famine, and all disasters. In Tibetan society communities gather and ritually raise prayer flags to lift everyone's spirits. Today you are invited to come together to create prayer flags of your own with Rigdzin Tingkhye. 

Rigdzin Tingkhye was born in Tibet and has been hanging prayer flags ever since he can remember. He is involved in the community as a language teacher, and an interpreter for various Tibetan scholars including H.H. Dagchen Rinpoche at Sakya Monastery.