Tibetan Spirituality in Everyday Life

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Private talk at residence of Grant Dermody (Seattle, WA)

"Rigdzin has lived and worked in Seattle for a great many years.  He owns Pema Kharpo, a Tibetan shop, and, as those who are regulars know, a spiritual oasis. Rigdzin has also worked as a translator for several visiting and local Tibetan lamas.  Rigdzin is a devout Buddhist and practices the Dharma in all he does.  He is not a lama, so has an everyday or "householder" view of the Dharma, being both a husband and a father.  He understands the West and Westerners, and is in a unique position to teach Tibetan spirituality. 

Please join us for an excellent afternoon of spiritual growth."

-Grant Dermody

6 January 2012, 5:30-7pm