The Radiant Possibilities of Mindfulness at Sakya Monastery of Tibetan Buddhism

Please join Rigdzin for this special lecture offering by Sakya Monastery's Virupa Educational Institute.   Everyone is welcome regardless of ability to donate (there is a requested donation of $20, for Monastery members $15)

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Sakya Monastery Cultural Hall - 108 NW 83rd St Seattle, WA 98117 

(August 30 7-9pm)

The aim of mindfulness is to build harmonious relations with our inner and outer worlds. Mindfulness is to be in the present moment, to be at ease and at peace with oneself. When our mind is disturbed, so will our body, speech and activities be distorted. Practicing mindfulness means to step into a primordial space that is always already there. It does not require any additional struggle or enhancement, nor does anything need to be taken away. This practice is different from the everyday meanings and traits we might associate it with, such as skillful manipulation of the truth, over-attentiveness to detail, or an insatiable urge for knowledge. 

This is not the kind of mindfulness we are interested in. Instead, we are seeking genuine peace within ourselves; a kind of effortless love and compassion that infuses our own being as well as radiates to all living beings. Like the sun which is always shining but whose rays are only visible to us when the clouds subside, we too have the ability to recognize the already present primordial nature of our minds. And just like the penetration of the sun’s heat, whose warmth naturally causes all forms of life to grow and thrive, the understanding of our own minds leads to true qualities of equanimity – selflessness, dignity, and fearlessness.