The Many Jewels

Living Sensual Studio - north Capitol Hill (Seattle, WA)

Description (written by Piper Lauri)

Tantric Buddhism is filled with glorious descriptions of the beauty of Life bestowed upon the loving heart: lotus flowers in pinks, blues, yellows and reds, scents of the Divine, rubies, emeralds, diamonds, glorious, delicious foods plentiful to the tongue and mind.  This bounty of Life is a continual gift to be received and shared with others.  This bounty of Life stems from the compassionate and trusting heart.  Come learn more and enjoy the grace of Rigdzin's presence and teachings in this week's Heart Sangha.

A calm and compassionate, beautiful, knowledgeable and wise man, Rigdzin has touched many in the Seattle area over his 25 years here. With a rich understanding and life lead through the tenets of Tantric Buddhism, his heart and his mind are one in the same, and his presence is pure sweetness. I am so fortunate to call him my teacher.

*Rigdzin has added a joyous and power ritual to our event this evening, Nishu Ghu. Nishu Ghu is the Buddhist ritual of Cleaning and Purification for the Tibetan lunar New Year. We will begin our evening with a celebration of the last day of the month before the new year begins tomorrow, "Burning out the remains of past years and Proclaiming the opportunities and the light of the coming years."