The Four Seals of Buddhism: A Talk With Rigdzin Tingkhye hosted by Isla Ross

Saturday, November 4 (7-9pm) at Interfaith Community Sanctuary

1763 NW 62nd St Seattle, WA 98107


1. All compounded things are impermanent… There is the vivid reality that our life comes and goes, being transitory in nature.

2. All stained states are pain… Our deluded and mistaken views constantly cause us suffering.

3. All phenomena are without inherent existence… Shunyata - emptiness... Things lack inherent existence and our problem is we hold onto permanent “Concrete” notions that are without reason.

4. Nirvana is beyond description… Through practice we develop a clarity that is the experience of Being beyond extremes and words which is the union of wisdom and compassion (emptiness and clarity).

“Buddhism” is uniquely supported and practiced with and by valid cognitive reason, not blind faith. This is known as the “Profound View” and characteristic. Because of this, our "liberation in the Palm of your hand'. It’s always within our reach. It’s not someone or some outward power is going to give us liberation and fully freedom. Buddha’s primary teaching is that our freedom is our responsibility and he offers his experience and practices of the path which provide us with this same exact opportunity. As Buddha himself said..." You are the Master of your own self." Everything depends on oneself. This is the true freedom.

Every one is welcome.